The WCCO In Action


We contribute to our communities every day.  By providing excellent customer service and advocating on behalf of counties and the public, WCCO members are dedicated to public service.



Former Brown County Treasurer Kerry Blaney (on the right in both photos above), is honored with the Delain-Emmerich Award. The WCCO Board confers this award upon retired constitutional officers who performed exceptional service to the WCCO during their tenure. (In the photo on the left) WCCO 1st Vice President Preston Jones presents Blaney the award, and (in the photo on the right) WCCO President Lisa Freiberg congratulates Blaney.



Education is an imporant component of the WCCO; members of the Register of Deeds Association receive certificates through UW-Madison's Certified Public Manager program (left).  WCCO President Lisa Freiberg congratulates Manitowoc County Clerk Jamie Aulik with the 2015 Wisconsin County Constitutional Officer of the Year award (right).



Oftentimes state officials provide members with information.  Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources Secretary Cathy Stepp (left) and Attorney General Brad Schimel (right) provide operational updates on their respective departments.